Most Popular Fantasy Books In 2022 – According To Readers Reviews

Popular Fantasy Books In 2022

Fantasy is a literary genre that has magical and mystical elements that are not found in the real world. While some authors combine real-world background with fantastic elements, many create completely imaginary universes with their own physical laws and logic and imaginary species and populations of living things. Nature in nature was not tied to fantasy reality or scientific reality.

Fantasy writers explore themes by creating their own worlds, where dragons fight in the sky, alien diplomats try to maintain peace between planets, and strange creatures coexist on Earth with humans. The best fantasy books offer readers the opportunity to escape completely into another world. Here we look at the most exciting new fantasy books of 2022.

Popular Fantasy Books In 2022:

1. The Ivory Key:

Author: Akshaya Raman

The Ivory Key is a 2022 Young Adult Fantasy book by an Indian American author. Raman’s debut book inspired by Indian culture and mythology has published on 4 January 2022 by HarperCollins as the first book in a planned duology. This book is about Vira coming out of her mother’s shadow and longing to establish her legacy as Ashoka’s honorable queen. But as the only quarry in the country ran out of magic – a valuable resource that kept Ashoka safe from conflict – she was unable to protect her citizens from the threat of war. And if her enemies find it, they can do nothing to seize the last piece of magic. Vira’s only hope is to discover the mysterious object of the myth: Ivory Key, rumored to unlock a new source of magic.

The Ivory Key

But in order to infiltrate enemy territory and retrieve it, she must be torn apart by her siblings, broken relationships, and the different ways in which their lives have been taken. Each of them has something to gain by finding the Ivory key – and even more to lose if they fail. Ronak plans to sell to the highest bidder instead of escaping his upcoming political and unwanted marriage. Caleb, who is facing false charges of murdering a former queen, needs to clear his name. And Rhea, the runaway sibling who severed all family ties, wants Key to prove his loyalty to the rebels who took him.

2. The North Wind:

Author: Alexandria Warwick

This amazing book was published on 13 January 2022 Wren’s suffering from Edgewood is nothing new. Her parents are gone.  For three hundred years, the land known as Gray was covered with snow, surrounded by a great barrier called the Shade, which protected the urban people from the Deadlands. But the shadow is weakening day by day.

The North Wind

Only one thing can stop the fall of Shade: A mortal woman trapped in a marriage to the dark god who rules the Deadlands is trapped over a barrier. He is the North Wind, the Frost King, whose heart is immortal which is said to be as cold as the land he rules.

3. A River Enchanted:

Author: Rebecca Ross

This book was published on 03 February 2022. Jack Tamerline has not stepped on cadence for ten years, content studying music at the University of Mainland. But when the young women begin to disappear from the island, Jack is called home to help find them. Enchantments flow deep into the cadence: gossip carries through the air, scratched shawls are as strong as armor, and small cuts of the sword cause terrible fear. Capricorn spirits that rule the island through the fire, water, earth, and air find joy in the lives of human beings who call the earth home.

A River Enchanted

The Eastern heir apparent and Adira, Jack’s childhood enemy, knows that spirits can only respond to a bard of music, and she hopes that Jack will pull them forward through the songs and persuade them to return the missing girls. When Jack and Adira reluctantly work together, their partnership changes further and they form better allies than rivals. But with each passing song, it became clear that trouble with the spirits was far worse than they had anticipated, and that an old, dark secret about the cadence has hidden beneath the surface, threatening to annihilate them all.

4. Only a Monster:

Author: Vanessa Len

Only one monster has published on 17 February 2022. It must be the right summer. Sixteen-year-old Joan, who has sent to stay with her extraordinary family by her late mother in London, has determined to enjoy herself. She loves her frivolous work at the historic Holland House and when her super cute colleague Nick asks her out on dating, everything seems to go right.

Only a Monster

But she soon finds out the truth. Her family is not just extraordinary: they are monsters with terrifying, hidden forces. And Nick is not just a cute guy: he’s a legendary monster, doing anything to knock them down. While she fights Nick, Joan has to work with the handsome and cruel Aaron Oliver. The heir to a monster family that hates his own. She has to accept her own cruelty in order to protect herself and her family. To know more about this book you definitely buy and read this book. And sure it is one of the good books on your shelf.

5. A Thousand Steps Into Night:

Author: Traci Chee

The book has published on 01 march 2022. In the kingdom of Awara, where gods, demons, and humans live side by side. Miyuko resigns to be safe as the daughter of an ordinary girl, the manager of an inn. But when Miyuko has cursed and begins to turn into a monster with a deadly touch, she begins her quest to repel the curse and return to her normal life.

A Thousand Steps Into Night

With the help of a thief Magpie spirit and constantly interrupted by a demon prince. Miyuko must avoid sorcerers, escape from demon hunters and negotiate. With the forest gods if she wants to get home again. But with her transformation comes unexpected power and freedom even in her dream. And she has to decide if it is worthwhile to save her soul. Trying to return to a normal life that does not suit her.


Above we are collecting the most popular fantasy books in 2022. All books have exciting stories, unexpected situations, well explained by the authors. We hope you enjoyed and get a good feel this summer for reading these books.


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