Most Popular Educational Non- Fiction Books To Read

Educational Non- Fiction Books

There are many different books that you can read over the summer as students. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start! Although some students choose fiction during their summer reading, non-fiction books are both entertaining and educational. What better way than to learn from real-life people and events? Here are seven of the best non-fiction books on recent topics and increasingly classic books for college and high school students to read over the summer.

The best non-fiction books can provide readers with insights into new topics, new perspectives or give us valuable and often entertaining insights into the lives of others.. Here is our edit of the most popular educational non-fiction books.

5 Educational Non-Fiction Books:

1. Facts And Other Lies:

Author By- Ed Coper

Facts and Other Lies Published by Allen & Unwin on 01-02-2022. The book has a historical context and illustrates how misinformation can disintegrate society, even threatening democracy. This explains why misinformation is so powerful and so difficult to stop and what we can do to help prevent it from spreading in Australia where politicians and shock jacks are already working from the same dark playbook.

Facts And Other Lies

It explains how anyone can dispel misinformation to promote their absurdity at home, in the office, in a pub, or anywhere. Read this book to defend democracy. This book captures the seriousness of our politics and connects it with the science of misinformation.

2. Jump: From The Streets To The Suites:

Author By- Larry Miller

This book was published by HarperCollins Publishers on 02/02/2022. Larry Miller’s journey from the violent streets of West Philly in the 1960s to the heights of American sports and industry. Miller has been wounded more than once in prison, especially as a teenager. But he immersed himself in educational opportunities, eventually benefiting from the Pennsylvania State Education-Release Program for inmates and graduating with honors from Temple University. Revealing his gangland past caused him to lose his first major job opportunities, and Miller vowed to keep it a secret. Climbed the corporate stairs with many companies.

Jump: From The Streets To The Suites

More than a rags-to-riches story, Jump is a passionate appeal for criminal justice reform and expands educational opportunities for people who have been arrested and previously imprisoned throughout the United States. By drawing on his powerful personal story, as well as his vast and well-connected network, Miller plans to use Jump as a launch point to help expand such opportunities and provide an optimistic journey. If you want to know more about this book, you can buy it on Amazon‌ and find out the full article.

3. Practising Simplicity:

Author By: Jodi Wilson

In practicing Simplicity, author and photographer Jodi Wilson sheds light on all the best things not to spend money on in life and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle no matter what your circumstances. For her, the simplicity of living in a small home on wheels was scary at first, but eventually the necessary answer to anxiety and domination.

Practising Simplicity

The book was published by Murdoch Books in February 2022. It inspires us to celebrate the simple yet extraordinary pleasures that make life meaningful by practicing unnecessary, simplicity.

4. How We Love:

Author By: Clementine Ford

This book was published by Allen & Unwin on 02-11-2021. Clementine Ford is a man who loves deeply, strangely, and with curiosity. She is fascinated by love and it is in many ways that it stays in our hearts and believes that the way we surrender to love is an act of great faith and courage.

How We Love

Clementine’s many forms through her own experiences. With clear eyes and an open heart, she writes about the loss of her adoring mother at a very young age, about the pain and chaos of first love – platonic and romantic – and about the joys and heartache of adult love. She writes movingly about the transcendent and transformative journey of motherhood as well as the monumental path to self-love. How we love is funny, heartfelt, revelatory, confessional,  compassionate – and essential reading. It shows us moments of unwavering truth and undeniable joy.

5. Atomic Habits:

Author By: James Clear

When you want to change your life, people want you to think big. But world-renowned habits expert James Clear has found another way. He knew that a real change would come from the impact of a combination of hundreds of small decisions: doing two push-ups a day, waking up five minutes early, or catching a single short phone call. He calls them nuclear habits.

Atomic Habits

The book Clears explains exactly how these minuscule changes can grow into such life-changing results. He uncovers some simple life hacks and researches cutting-edge psychology and neuroscience to explain why they are important. Also, he told inspiring stories of Olympic gold medalists, eminent CEOs, and distinguished scientists. Who used the science of small habits to be productive, motivated, and happy. These small changes can have a revolutionary impact on your career, your relationships, and your life.


Above we present the most popular educational non-fiction books. All these books got Nobel prizes and get good reviews from the readers. So we hope these books give you peace, knowledge, and make your life meaningful.


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