Best Non- Fiction Books To Read In 2022

Best Non - Fiction Books In 2022

A non-fiction book is one that tells you information and facts about the world around you. It can cover almost anything from wildlife to Vikings. If it’s about what really happened or what really happened, it’s non-fiction. Some non-fiction books contain illustrations as well as words.

Now that you’ve made it through the holiday season, it’s time to spend the next couple of months in a blanket, reading books. We highly recommend any of these 5 best non-fiction books to kick off the new year. The books are listed by the release date.

Best Non-Fiction Books In 2022:

1. The Zen of Therapy: Uncovering a Hidden Kindness in Life:

Author By- Mark Epstein

The Gen of Therapy was published by Penguin Press on January 11, 2022. Dr. Mark Epstein is a psychiatrist in private practice in New York City and author of several books on the interface of Buddhism and psychotherapy, including The Trauma of Everyday Life, Thoughtless Thoughts, and Fragmentation. He acquired his medical degrees and undergraduate from Harvard University. It is one of the best books on psychotherapy and meditation in recent years.

The Zen of Therapy: Uncovering a Hidden Kindness in Life

“Epstein gained a lifetime of personal and professional experience to provide a deep and optimistic perspective on the relationship between psychotherapy and meditation. The accounts are full of humor and hope. This is the message that readers receive in these dark and difficult times.

2. Manifesto: On Never Giving Up:

Author By- Bernardine Evaristo

Bernardine Everisto is the winner of the Booker Prize for Girl, Woman, Other Winner of the Year 2019, winner and finalist for several awards, including the National Bestseller and Women’s Prize for Fiction and the Dublin Literary Award. The book was published on January 18, 2022, by Grove Press.

Manifesto: On Never Giving Up

Manifesto, also known as the Portrait of the Artist as a Young Black Woman, is the man needed in the journey of creating the deep authentic creative life of a black woman. The story is one of the stories behind Manifesto Evaristo – the formation of each book as well as the formation of an artist engaged in the work of creation.

3. How We Can Win: Race, History and Chasing the Money Game That’s Rigged:

Author By- Kimberly Jones

Kimberly Jones is an activist, former bookseller, and current host of the Atlanta Chapter of the well-read Black Girl Book Club. This book was written by Henry Holt & Co. Published on 18 January 2022. A prominent black activist and YA author have provided a damning, brilliant study of the many ways in which economic equality is denied to non-white people in America. Demanding better, Jones offers an intelligent, measured look at America’s economic and social landscape.

How We Can Win: Race, History and Chasing the Money Game That’s Rigged

In How We Can Win, Jones investigates the effects of systemic racism and reveals how her years in Chicago gave birth to a lifelong devotion to justice. Here, in the crucial expansion of her proclamation, she called for a multilevel plan for economic and social recovery – promised with redemption, but prevented again for over one hundred and fifty years. And, most importantly, in this book Jones provides strategies on how the change in the fight against the system that is still rigging can affect all of us.

4. The Nineties: A Book:

Author By- Chuck Klosterman

The Nineties: A Book Published by Penguin Press on February 8, 2022. Chuck Kloster‌man is the best-selling author of eight non-fiction books. Chuck Kloster‌man is the best-selling author of eight non-fiction books.

The Nineties: A Book

In the nineties, Kloster‌man examines the social, political, and cultural history of the era with his signature intellect. It was a fascinating trip on Memory Lane. Providing modern decade moments and meanings in a few hundred pages is no easy task, but Chuck Kloster‌man was able to boil down a heartfelt recipe of insight.

5. Watergate: A New History:

Author by- Garrett M. Graff

Watergate: New History Published by Avid Reader Press / Simon & Schuster on February 15, 2022. Garrett M. Graff, a leading journalist, and best-selling historian has spent more than a dozen years covering politics, the politics, and the latest technologies,  national security.

Watergate: A New History

It is an extraordinarily great narrative book with tragic and heroic characters from criminal and defective characters. As someone who played a minor role in the play as edited several of the Washington Post’s Watergate articles found that the graph restored and recreated an extraordinary time in the history of the country and the history of this city. The President has rapidly filled with appropriate sketches of very large and small characters from all men and their partners to journalists, researchers, lawyers, and members of Congress.


Above we collected 2022 best non-fiction books. Each book has well explained by the author and gives us more unknown information in the books. We hope these books are definitely helping you and if you want to buy these books? The books are available on Amazon.


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