Best Nonfiction Animal Books For Kids – These Introduces Animals To Kids

Nonfiction Animal Books For Kids

List of animal books for kids the perfect place to read about animals! Animals are very mesmerizing creatures, and children will definitely love learning about their interesting facts and habits. Whether you are looking for non-fiction animal facts books, books with pictures of real animals, or books of animal stories suitable for reading aloud, we have covered for you below. Non-fiction animal books are perfect for engaging children with fun facts and information about animals! Learn more about animals you already know and love and find some new animal friends.

Each book in the series contains more than 200 beautiful photos of animals. These best Non-fiction books are a fascinating, habitat-wise guide for preschoolers and children of all ages to provide an accurate “bite-sized” view of their favorite animals. Each book focuses on animal behavior and family relationships, with children exploring sections about animal bodies, baby animals, food, playtime, care, and more. Featured book features include quick bite sidebars with stunning animal facts, simple infographics, and illustrated maps.

Nonfiction Animal Books For Kids:

1. Wild Animal Babies: An Alphabet Book:

Wild Animal Babies: An Alphabet Book

This latest animal book is written by Katie T. Christiansen. It’s a must-have on your bookshelf! Travel through the wildlife alphabet and learn about new and unique animals. This adorable animal reference book is a big hit with young children. Filled with animals of all shapes and sizes, this book introduces young children to more than 32 different animals with amazing real-life photos. Learn about the food of each animal, their habitat, and the facts of some crazy and amusing animals. This is an excellent book for learning about new animals.

2. Animals In The Forest:

The author of Animals in the Forest by Visiting Fellow John Wood. Bears, rabbits, owls in this fascinating book, you can almost hear the many sounds of the forest! Photographs of real wildlife are perfect for attracting young readers and helping them to identify diverse animals. Also, find out about their forest habitats and their food preferences!

Animals in the Forest

Ocean animals are very attractive to young children… and for good reason! They live underwater, swim in the open sea, and have a wide variety of marine animals! These fun sea stories beg your kid for a sea journey! For more marine books, swim, and check out the best marine books for kids.

3. The Snail And The Whale:

The Snail and the Whale

The book The Snail and the Whale was written by Julia Donaldson. The improbable friendship between a snail and a whale tells a lovely story of adventure and imagination. The snail is looking to get out of its lonely rock and explore the great vast ocean. The whale is happily committed and they spend their days as friends and explorers. But when the whale gets too close to shore, can the snail help rescue his new best friend? The rhyming text and wonderful illustrations will captivate you, but you will be there for the positive message and heart-touching story of these two precious friends.

4. The Wide-Mouthed Frog:

The Wide-Mouthed Frog

The Wide-Mouth Frog was written by Keith Faulkner. The catchy pop-up images in this book have made this book one that kids will love to hear again and again! The wide-mouthed frog likes to use his wide mouth to eat worms and flies, but he is also very curious about what all the other animals in the swamp eat. That is until he meets an alligator who likes to eat big-mouthed frogs. Oops! Fewer readers of this story are on the edge of their seats and crying as the spacious frog tries to escape. A perfect animal book for kids!

5. Mister Seahorse:

Mister Seahorse


Mr. Seahorse’s book was written by Eric Carley. Readers will enjoy the unique clear / see pages in this book, which show the creatures hidden behind rocks and seagrass. Eric Carley’s classic storytelling comes to life with this vivid look at how sea fathers look after their eggs and babies. With each turn of the page, we meet a new sea character and learn how dad can help mom in raising them. This book leads to new learning and questions and raises curiosity about marine life!

6. The Rainbow Fish:

Author of The Rainbow Fish Marcus Fister. This classic ocean story shares the message of sharing, giving, and thinking about others and their feelings. Unlike other fish in the ocean, the rainbow fish have unique shiny silver scales. The other fish wanted to play with him but the rainbow fish was proud.

The Rainbow Fish

Other fish also wanted a beautiful scale, but the rainbow fish did not like to share its unique standards. He decided to talk to an octopus, which helped him realize that sharing was a beautiful gift that would bring him joy and happiness. Sharing is a great reading for young students about how to fill your heart with joy and happiness.

7. I’m The Biggest Thing In The Ocean:

I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean

Kevin Sherry wrote the book I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean. This giant squid has found its enormous size! He compares himself to most sea creatures, but he always seems to be the biggest until he ever appears face to face with the blue whale! He decided to turn his misfortune into a positive one that would bring humor and entertainment to the simple text. A sea story that your little reader can easily retell by holding it from the shelf and enjoying it anytime!


The above collection of Nonfiction animal books for kids gives you information about different types of animals and marine animals with amazing real-life photos. Your little ones will surely love this list of the best animal books. We hope you enjoy reading and laughing along with the funny animal jokes.


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