Most Popular Science Fiction Books For Kids To Read

Science Fiction Books For Kids

Science fiction is an educated genre that focuses on space travel, science, technology, and how the world will be in the future. While some science fiction takes contentious topics and, in some cases, correctly indicates the future, other works of science fiction focus on something that most people enjoy. Children’s science fiction has the same scope. While many books for young children focus on the fun side of science fiction, books for older children begin to address some of the bigger issues in science and the influence they will have on our future world.

We have gathered a list of some science fiction books for kids that are easy for children to read during the holidays. Science fiction as a genre helps children to see the world from an extraordinary perspective in developing imagination and storytelling skills. Furthermore, some science fiction books for kids address questions related to the unknown and give us a compelling sense of curiosity to uncover these answers. It also improves the process of creativity and increases children’s interest in understanding science and its great secrets.

Most Popular Science Fiction Books For Kids:

1. The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet:

The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet is a children’s science fiction book by Eleanor Cameron, directed by Robert Henneberger and published by Little, Brown in 1954. This book describes the adventures of Chuck and David. The two boys travel on an alien planet in a spaceship they are building from their home. It explores the concept of teamwork, innovation, and problem-solving skills to help boys civilize alien creatures.

The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet

It is located in Pacific Grove, California, and in its orbit 50,000 miles away in Basidium, the Earth’s smallest habitable moon invisible from the planet. The “Mushroom Planet” visited by the protagonists David Topman and Chuck Masterson is covered with a variety of mushrooms and is filled with fewer green people. To know some more details about this interesting book you can buy it on Amazon and attain more knowledge.

2. A Wrinkle In Time By Madeleine Lengle:

A Wrinkle in Time is a teen book by American author Madeleine Lengel. First published in 1962,  the book won the Newberry Medal, the Sequoia Book Award, the Louis Carroll Shelf Award, and was a runner-up to the Hans Christian Anderson Award.

A Wrinkle In Time By Madeleine Lengle

Two of these kids are brothers and sisters and when they find out that something is up in space, eating galaxies and planets and missing their father on a space trip, they decide to take action to save themselves. Galaxy. This book is also suitable for young audiences and you can find it in the list of best time travel books for our kids and best sci-fi books for teens.

3. Have Space Suit- Will Travel:

How Space Suite-Will Travel is a science fiction book written by American author Robert A. Heinlein for young readers, originally serialized in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and published by the scribes on the hardcover in 1958. The last Heinlein book has published by Scribner. It was nominated for a Hugo Award in 1959 and won the Sequoia Children’s Book Award in 1961.

Have Space Suit- Will Travel

Robert Heinlein is an excellent science fiction writer who never gets frustrated with his books. This time he has a science fiction story suitable for children. In the next story, this character will be abducted by aliens. A series of thrilling events, we will not spoil for you, will happen later and one thing will lead to another, eventually, Kip will save the whole human race.

4. The Giver By Lois Lowry:

The Giver is a 1993 American young adult dystopian book by Lois Lori. It runs in the context of a society that at first seemed idealistic, but as the story progresses it becomes more dystopian. The book follows a 12-year-old boy named Jonas. The book introduces you to a very intriguing character, making you have an amazing experience while reading these amazing books. The character we mentioned is a boy named Jonas and the whole story follows him as he lives in a dystopian world that initially seems idealistic.

The Giver By Lois Lowry

The world in which he lives has taken away the suffering from the people, which may seem like a good thing, but you will find out why it is not. He also feels that this world is ideal until he is given an important assignment that will eventually reveal how bad his community is.

5. Lunch Walks Among Us:

Lunch Wax Among Us is a book written by Jim Benton. We still have another fantastic sci-fi story for a young audience. And this time the most entertaining main character is a girl named Frankie K. Stein. She is not like the other children in her class because she gives dark vibes.

Lunch Walks Among Us

She prefers poison ivy instead of delicate flowers and she is actually a very angry mad scientist. This story tells you about her still an interesting experiment. She tries to fit in with the other kids, and after she does the experiment. A big monster attacks the school and she wants to save the day. But it’s not so easy with the changes she has made to herself.


As children read science fiction books. They begin to make connections between what they read and what they learn in science class. It helps to improve their science knowledge and maybe motivates them to think critically. And creatively as they improve their scientific knowledge. So these books will definitely help kids to attain scientific knowledge.


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