Top 5 Bestselling Science Fiction Books of All Time

Bestselling Science Fiction Books

Clearly, science-fiction is one of the most interesting and popular genres among readers around the world. Because it depicts the imagination combined with the wonders of science, giving birth to many mesmerizing and entertaining works. For hundreds of years, the world’s greatest writers have provided the world with great stories. That brings science and fiction together to provide a reading experience outside the world.

If you are a science fiction lover and are thinking of reading the bestselling science fiction books ever written, here are the best of all time. These books not only take you on wonderful journeys into the fictional world but also thrill you.

5 Bestselling Science Fiction Books:

1. Ender’s Game:

Are you a military science fiction book lover who wants to notice the military and their weapons in action? If so, here has one of the best science fiction books ever written by the brilliant American author Orson Scott Card. This book is about the war between aliens or forms and humans over humans attacking alien technology. The Buggers had their base on the asteroid Eros, which humans slightly dominated and occupied with their advanced technology that could change sincerity.

Ender’s Game

In the story, the children are trained in a military attack on advanced technology. Including the character of Ender Wiggin. During training, Enderwiggins’ genius skills are exposed. The book was first published in 1985 and was later released under the series Enders Game series, with a great storyline. The book has won numerous awards, including the Nebula and Hugo Awards, making it one of the best-selling science fiction books of all time.

2. The Dune Chronicles:

The book is a 1965 science fiction book by the great American author Frank Herbert. Which has won multiple awards for his work in the science fiction genre. Another space science book on the list is the story of the planet Arachnid and its people known as the Freemen. The book of the Dune Chronicles tells the story of Paul Atridas, a fictional character in the story. Who turns into a mysterious man named Muad’dib, and the planet Arroquis. This planet is the only source of melange, famous for its spice.

The Dune Chronicles

Melange is an important material for guiding space. A must-read book if you like reading science fiction with a mix of human emotions. The book went on to become the best-selling sci-fi book in history, selling over 20 million copies. In 2003, the book became the best-selling book in the world, winning the prestigious Nebula Award for Best Book.

3. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

The great thing about the book “The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy” is that you keep smiling as long as you read about the wonderful things about aliens, science, and technology. It was a comedy sci-fi series written by Douglas Adams and later in 2005. The film of the same name was released based on the story of the book. The series is based on Arthur Dent’s adventure. Leading to a stellar bypass after the Earth is completely destroyed by alien Vaughans.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The creator of the series has done an amazing job of answering the meaning of life and the universe filled with deep thoughts and emotions. It has originally aired on BBC Radio and has later composed for various formats for stage shows, series, books, and comic books. The book has released in the trilogy in five parts and was first released in 1979. The book was published in 1985 and contains radio scripts from the original BBC radio scripts.

4. The Foundation Trilogy:

It is one of the best science fiction books series by the famous American author, Isaac Asimov, for 30 years. The central story of the book is the construction of a social theory using mathematics. To predict the future behavior of the people of the galactic empire by developing an advanced theory of psychological history.

The Foundation Trilogy

The character in the story, Harry Seldon, is a mathematician. Who spends his time working on psychohistory theory. To predict the future behavior of individuals in what has known the galactic empire. This book became the best-selling sci-fi book of all time. The book won several awards in 1966, including the Hugo Award.

5. The Time Machine:

H. G. Wells is not only the author of the book “The Time Machine”, he coined the term “Time Machine”. A term widely used around the world. Now you can suspect the favor of his work in his book. The book not only inspired but also revolutionized the entire media industry. The protagonist is a time traveler and Victorian English scientist. In the story, the time has described as a fourth-dimensional space, a place that can be travelers using a time machine.

The Time Machine

The author has done an impeccable narrative.  And the whole idea of ​​Time machines and Travel has well explained in the story. Keeping the interest of the readers unchanged throughout. The main character in the story hosts a weekly dinner guest for time travel through his desktop model. Who claims to be able to travel at different times, in the fourth dimension. The story has adapted into several media productions, including movies, comic books, and two TV versions. Science Fiction Story is a science fiction book that has strongly suggested to all readers.


We did our part to collect only the best-selling books on the 5 list. Our sole purpose is to present to you the first top 5 list of the best science fiction books. We hope these books are definitely helpful to u and give you more knowledge about science fiction.


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