Most Popular 8 Boxing Magazines : You Should Read These Magazines To Know More Details

Most Popular 8 Boxer Magazines

Boxing Magazines: Boxing is a fighting sport enjoyed by both trainers and professionals, not to mention the thousands of viewers who attend boxing matches or watch on television. Boxing lovers are not content to watch those Saturday night fights so they turn to boxing magazines to get in-depth information about their favorite fighters and upcoming boxing events.

These magazines provide us with insights into the performance, lifestyle, and strategy behind the fighting. Frequent interviews with current and retired boxers, reports from boxing gyms, boxing expert features, spotlights on upcoming athletes, and reviews of boxing books and DVDs; Boxing magazines provide exclusive and exciting content for all levels of interest.

Read about the careers and lives of these artists who are bigger than life with in-depth interviews and news content. However, with more smallish boxing publications are known these days, seeing those boxing magazines can be an extremely time-consuming and frustrating business. So, to help you carry your boxing love forward, we have compiled a list of the top 8 boxing magazines below.

Most Popular 8 Boxing Magazines:

1. Boxing Monthly Magazine:

The Boxing Monthly magazine was launched in 1989 and is the good British boxing magazine available. It was the first British boxing magazine to go for the colorful, glossy look and feel of American Boxing Magazine. This magazine some great boxing photography and terrific articles for those who love boxing. It can be purchased in a digital version only. Boxing Monthly Magazine

This magazine is dedicated to one of the most demanding and thrilling sports to look around. It provides the readers with less information on the latest developments in the exciting action-packed industry. Readers can expect articles on historical events and the latest news on the hottest matches, opponents, and coaches. It also includes interesting interviews with current and past boxers as well as meeting retired champions who talk about life after boxing.

2. Boxing News Magazine :

Boxing News Magazine

This is the oldest boxing magazine around and it’s published weekly so you get 51- 48 page issues a year with a subscription for this magazine. You may want to get Ringside reports, previews of upcoming fights, and historical material for impressive reading with this magazine.

3. The Ring Magazine:

The online publication offers 12 issues per year and covers a wide variety of boxing topics.  Ring Magazine is also called the Bible of Boxing. It is a company that has world boxing news information from the USA that extends beyond the normal of interviews and episode reviews with boxing stars.

The Ring Magazine

The ring goes further into the minds of those who run it behind the scenes and provide the reader with a complete picture of the world of boxing and the state of the world game. In fact, The Ring‌ has great photography and tips on the rising stars from both sides of the Atlantic, in fact, the world.

4. HeavyWeights Magazine:

Heavyweights is another online boxing magazine that has a lot of interesting information about global heavyweight boxing. It also covers boxing news, ratings, fight results, and video games reviews.

5. Boxing Times Magazine:

It is one of the most popular online boxing magazines that offers a lot of interesting information to the readers. This magazine gives you boxer world rankings, some great knockout photos, fight reviews, TV schedules for upcoming fights, and more.

Boxing Times Magazine


The magazine has a special feature of eight pages in full color, which describes the age of the child. It also covers the story of Everts’ decision to beat the kid in the ring and the infamous report on gambling in boxing by Joe King.

6. KO Corner Magazine:

KO Corner Magazine

This KO corner magazine has loaded with a lot of new interesting boxing information. It contains news articles and live blogs about the sport as well as boxer rankings, boxers or rumors circulating about the sport, previews of the fights and the results, and a lot of information about boxers, promoters, and trainers so you can get more information in this magazine.

7. Boxing Scene Magazine:

Boxing Scene magazine covers the latest boxing news and articles on the topic. As well as interviews, fight results with boxers and others. Previews of upcoming matches, video, audio, and a platform where you can post comments or questions.

Boxing Scene Magazine

Fight Scene is a bi-monthly congratulatory magazine for all fighting fans, filled with the latest news and content. Examples of features include technology, safety, fitness, combat strategy, health, and nutrition.

8. Boxing Talk Magazine:

Boxing Talk Magazine contains boxing-related topics. Online magazine and boxing discussions provide readers with photography about current newsletters, predictions, ratings, and the latest boxing matches. There is also an audio/video element. A list of the top ten pound-for-pound boxers, and the Magazine Year-End Awards for boxing.

Boxing Talk Magazine

They also have a chat room where you can chat with others about your favorite boxers and other boxing-related topics. If you are one of those people who can not get enough boxing. One of these magazines should help keep you updated and provide you with the information you want to know.


Finally, this Popular 8 Boxing Magazines Helps us to understand the Boxing magazines. It gives complete information about the latest news and content. Examples of features include technology and boxing-related topics. This magazine definitely gives to you 100% satisfaction.


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