Most Popular Japanese Fashion Magazines For Men & Women

Japanese Fashion Magazines

Over the years, more and more publications have moved exclusively to digital. However, in the fashion world, and especially in Japanese fashion magazines, many of them are still in circulation. Japan is not only innovative when it comes to fashion, but there are a huge number of different fashion magazines that offer a wide range of sharp fashionistas. Each of the many different subcultures has its own unique style, and there are even magazines designed specifically for them.

Most magazines are printed on quality paper and some have a special issue for their readers along with each issue. One of the must-do things, when you are in Japan, is to buy Japanese fashion magazines. You can also find them at bookstores or convenience stores, located on almost every street corner. On the one hand, you can see the latest Japanese trends and fashions and on the other hand, you will receive the best free gifts. Interested in the latest fashion trends in Japan? This article covers the most popular Japanese fashion magazines for men and women.

Popular Japanese Magazines For Women:

  • Seventeen
  • Popteen
  • Sweet
  • Fudge
  • Zipper

1. Seventeen:


One of the most popular adult-oriented magazines, this magazine is based on the American edition of the Seventeen. It includes up-and-coming models along with teenage models and focuses on the stylish and casual style despite being trendy. In addition, this magazine also contains tips for teenagers, so it will definitely be a hit with its readers.

2. Popteen:


Even for teens, but more girly than the Seventeen has cute fashion. Popteen is also a popular reference for fashion and is the best magazine for beginners girls. They also offer makeup and hair tips along with a very sweet and girly touch along with seasonal fashion.

3. Sweet:


It is currently the best-selling fashion magazine for 20-year-old women who enjoy current mainstream fashion. It will appeal to the more casual, stylish girl who likes to spend a little money. Their concept is casual ‘Adult Girl’, which means being stylish without being too young. Each issue comes with a beautiful gift!

4. Fudge:


The self-proclaimed “New Type of Fashion Magazine for Girls,” FUDGE is a magazine for women in their 20s and 30s. It is rich in movies, arts, and music as well as content that extends beyond fashion. It has a more international approach to fashion than usual, creating a more exclusive, global girl look. Fudge has many foreign models and it is great for women who like more adult and childish looks that are still beautiful

5. Zipper:


Harajuku Style Fashion and Culture Magazine Number One. Zipper’s fun pop mix attracts readers in their teens and twenties. Like KERA, they also offer alternative fashion, but with a more casual street touch. It is one of the popular magzine.

Popular Japanese Magazines For Men:

  • Popeye
  • Fine Boys
  • Safari
  • Sence
  • Men’s Joker

1. Popeye:


Currently a top-ranking fashionista for men, Popeye calls himself “City Boys Magazine”. It’s a magazine for men in their 20s who like to be casual and stylish, and it’s designed with an urban feel to match its motto. The magazine covers a wide variety of cars, sports, fashion, travel, and music. It is now synonymous with “street dress” and “hype beast” fashion, which is popular in the West.

2. FineBoys:


As the name suggests, it’s a top magazine with a well-defined, clean and simple look. It appeals to college students who want to display the latest trends but at a lower price. It revolves around the idea of a fresh face. They usually have fun news and many times, a star from the Janice Talent Agency presents the cover.

3. Safari:


Targeting 30 to 40-year-old readers, this mixed magazine features A-list celebrities and covers a lot of foreign trends, especially tapping the LA style. With this in mind, it should be mostly cool for lovers! Safari likes to show off the easy-going surfer or nature lifestyle, portraying it as a journey meant to enjoy fashion.

4. Sence:


This is a magazine that combines street clothes with high-end fashion. Above and beyond highlighting every aspect of luxury fashion, Sense has some of the most influential high-end brands and icons. SENSE aims to provide manliness and coolness to men. It is suitable for men between 20-40 years.

5. Men’s Joker:

Using several basic style outfits, the men’s Joker wants to create the fashion of an off-day Hollywood star. This magazine is intended for men aged 20-30 with the aim of being stylish. This magazine is fashionable, it’s safe for most people.


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