Best Non-fiction Books To Read In 2019

2019 has been a great year for all kinds of books so far. We are getting some really amazing books this year but, which ones are the best non-fiction books of 2019. Let’s find out in this article.

Best Non-fiction Books Of 2019

Non-fiction books are widespread & they come from a large number of categories. So, these are the best of the best for this year,

The Uninhabitable Earth

Author: David Wallace-Wells

Global Warming is moving towards it’s worst stages & soon the entire human race will face the disasters of it. David Wallace-Wells tried to deliver a final warning call to the readers before this earth becomes unsuitable for living. At that time floods & diseases won’t be the weather time disasters anymore. The entire existence of the humans are in trouble & the situation is getting worst even sooner than we expected. Explaining the true faults of today’s human lifestyle, it’s definitely one of the best books from this year.

The Moment of Lift

Author: Melinda Gates

In her latest book, The Moment of Lift, Melinda highlights the dark sides for women in society and how empowering women can help to lift up society & its value. In this book, she talks about a lot of social diseases for women including the inequity in workplaces, child marriage & a lot more. She also highlighted her own life & how she achieved equality. Melinda Gates has spent the last twenty years of her life, working on the people & society. A large fraction of that journey was to understand the life of women around the world & The Moment of Lift is the result of that.

Say Nothing

Author: Patrick Radden Keefe

Say nothing takes us back to the 90s. Jean McConville an Irish lady was abducted from her apartment in Belfast by masked intruders. She never returned but, Patrick Radden Keefe who is a journalist by profession tries to uncover the mystery in his new book “Say Nothing”. The book gives a glimpse of one of the dark chapters of Irish history but, at the same time tries to untie a lot of ribbons buried under it.

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Mueller Report

Author: Robert Mueller

This book is for slightly different types of readers. Robert Mueller who is the author & a Special Counsel of the US describes how Russia tried to interfere in the 2016 Presidential Election of the United States. It’s from the original report that was submitted to Attorney General, William Barr in March 2019. A short version of that report was published as Mueller Report later on.

How to Fail

Author: Elizabeth Day

How To Fail is one of the best works of Elizabeth Day till day. She hosts a super-popular podcast called How To Fail where famous people share their worst failures of life. It’s no surprise that her book is named after the show. Through this book, Elizabeth tries to put people right in front of their failures so, they can face it instead of running away. Several chapters dealing with several failures & their solutions make this one of the best books in the self-help department in 2019.

So, these were the best non-fiction books of 2019. Did we miss something that you’ll like us to add? Let us know in the comments section below.


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