Best Books Of 2019 – Fresh Handpicked List by GeekBook

As our in house experts got into the idea of making a list for the best books of 2019, they have to dig in a lot to get just the right ones in place. Check out what they ended up with, in the list below,

Best Books Of 2019 – Handpicked by GeekBook

Before we start, we must let you know that as the year is just halfway over, there will be a lot of new books coming in the upcoming months. As great books come out, we’ll keep updating this list.

The Moment of Lift

Author: Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates has spent the last twenty years of her life, working on the people & the society. A large fraction of that journey was to understand the life of women around the world & The Moment of Lift is kinda a direct result of that. In this book, Melinda highlights the dark sides for women in society and how empowering women can help to lift up society & its value. This book talks about a lot of social diseases for women including the inequity in workplaces, child marriage & a lot more. She has even talked about her own life & how she achieved equality in society.

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Big Sky

Author: Kate Atkinson

Wh0 doesn’t like an excellent Novel which is filled with suspense & thrill? Kate Atkinson’s famous detective character Jackson Brodie makes his long-awaited return in this one. Big Sky is actually the 5th Jackson Brodie book from the author. The storyline starts pretty simply where Jackson is recruited by a woman to keep an eye on her husband. But, things get complicated soon when he (Jackson Brodie) starts to find out darker things. If you love detective novels, you’ll probably love this one.

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Disappearing Earth

Author: Julia Phillips

Julia Phillips delivers another masterpiece with her Disappearing Earth novel. The story starts as two girls aged eight & eleven years go missing. Though, the focus goes to four main characters but, this novel actually speaks about the vulnerabilities, dreams & desires of women. There is enough suspense & thill in this one as well. So, as you can probably understand by now, there is a lot more to the storyline but, if you were impressed by what we’ve mentioned already, you’ll definitely like reading this.

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Mrs. Everything: A Novel

Author: Jennifer Weiner

Mrs. Everything is an excellently portrayed historical fiction that takes place back in the 1950s. The story circles around two sisters, their different characteristics, transformation, struggle & the final destiny. Jennifer Weiner has again done an amazing job portraying the characters & their lives and there’s no doubt that this is one of the more interesting novels of this year.

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Mostly Dead Things

Author: Kristen Arnett

Mostly Dead Things is for a more niche audience as this is more of a twisted family Drama that starts with the suicide of the father of the main character. As she takes over the business, she starts to discover the hidden dark sides of the members of her family. The story is interesting but, rather different from the absolute mainstream. So, if you are a fan of these things, you’ll hopefully like this one.

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So that was our top selection list for the best books of 2019. Which ones did you like the most? We’ll love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. And also know the details about best fantasy books of 2020 click here.


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