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If you’re like me then you probably love drinking cold pressed juice. But, have you ever thought what does it even mean? Probably yes because you’re here, reading this article right now. So, what does Cold Pressed Juice mean then? Well, let me explain that in detail in the rest of the article.

What is Cold Pressed Juice?

Cold Pressed Juice is pure fruit or vegetable juices extracted using a Hydraulic Press.  That’s why it’s Pressed Juice & it needs to be stored in the refrigerator as needs to stay cold to prevent it from becoming undrinkable. So, bring those together & you get Cold Pressed Juice.

How is it made?

First, fruits and vegetables are crushed to make a pulp out of it. Once the pulp is ready, it is filtered to get the juice out. But, that juice still has micro pieces of the fruit or vegetable. So, next, it is put in a Hydraulic Press to extract the pure juice from it. Later it is packaged & sent away to the market. In refrigerated conditions, it can stay drinkable up to 5 days depending on what kind of juice it is & what are its components.

Why is it so expensive?

As you can probably guess, the production process isn’t really cheap & also a bottle of juice contains the juice of multiple fruits or vegetables. Even the storing process & transportation process is expensive too. So, all these things add up & increase the price of the final product.

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