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Okay so, you bought a new Air Fryer or thinking about getting one but, you have no idea How to Root exactly they work. That’s no magic as you might guess. A little physics, a little chemistry & you have food fried in an air fryer. So, how do these air fryers work then? Well, keep reading.

What are Air Fryers?

I’m so glad you asked. See, the general concept of an Air Fryer is to fry things without dipping them into the oil. So, generally, the air is doing the frying job. Hence the name air fryer. The closest thing to an air fryer that is more generally available in kitchens, is a microwave oven. However, there are substantial differences between the two. Let us know if you want more info on that area.

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How do Air Fryers work?

As I’ve mentioned earlier it’s little physics & little chemistry. First, let’s come to the Physics part. The basic technique of an air fryer is a continuous circulation of hot air around the food. This makes the outside of the food harder & crispy.

Now, let’s come to the chemistry side. There is something called Maillard Reaction that is giving the food, its color & fragrance. At a temperature near 140 degrees to 165 degrees Celsius, the amino acids in the food component form a non-enzymic reaction with the reducing sugars to form the yellow or brownish looks. It also gives foods different smells (aromas). This doesn’t just happen in Air Fryers but, also in regular microwave ovens.

Using these properties you can cook veg & non-veg fried meals & even small size cakes if you want to. Companies do recommend to coat the food with a thin layer of oil before starting to cook it in the air fryer. But, it’s not necessary most of the time.

So, now you know how Air Fryers work. If you have any other questions, let us know in the comments section below. We’ll definitely try out best to assist you.

Also, there are many how-to tricks to do air fryers work that you can find online. If you have some different kind of tricks then you are welcome to share in the comment section below.



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