Best Books On Leadership That You Can Read Right Now

Looking for some leadership oriented books that can push you to go the extra mile? How about a pre-researched & handpicked list of the top 3? Well, that’s exactly what we have here. So, let’s get started on this right away!

Best Books On Leadership – Geekbook’s Top 3

Start with Why

Author: Simon Sinek

Start with Why by Simon Sinek questions the basic foundation of people & organizations. Why someone or an entity is making the decisions, doing the work that they are doing? Why some people are way better leaders compared to others? There is much more going on & we think that this one definitely deserves a place in our top 3 list.

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The Dale Carnegie Leadership Mastery Course

Author: Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie is a really popular name when it comes to books of segments like this one. This book of his is an excellent guide to develop good leadership skills. It teaches in proven & effective ways so, you can be the right type of leader to make people listen to you & do stuff while they’re actually liking the work and not because they have to do it anyway.

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Developing the Leader Within You

Author: John C. Maxwell

This one is from our personal favorites. It defines what a leader truly is & helps to create that substantial difference better a management expert & a true leader. Two things that people think are the same but they truly aren’t. John C. Maxwell has truly done an amazing job in this one & it really deserves a place in our top 3 list.

Those were the best books on leadership and its helps to grow the skills help itself that you can read right now. If you’d like recommendations on some other kind of books, let us know in the comments section & we’ll make it happen. Also, there are many sites that give you the latest technology news.


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