Best Fiction Books To Read In 2019 | You Should Read These Books For Sure

Bite your fingernails down to cores with a hair-raising thriller, escape to new worlds with a fantasy, or get a little too real with historical fiction. Some awesome fiction books came out in 2019, and we’ve rounded up our favorites to add to your reading list. We have sorted some of the best fiction books to read in 2019.

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List Of Best Fiction Books To Read In 2019

1. All the Lives We Ever Lived

If I had money for every book out there that attempts to conjure the magic of a beloved novelist, I’d put them in a list. Whereas, the story of the book is about a father’s death and a heart-filled understanding of the pain that propelled Virginia Woolf’s to the Lighthouse.

Author: Hillary Kelly

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2. Lost Children Archive

Lost Children Archive, a road-trip novel turned on its head, Luiselli collects contributions of another kind. It is the stories of children had entirely lost, vanished, gone from their families and public attention. More damning than any statement, this story of a young family searching along the border for a friend’s missing refugee children awakens the individual’s sense of collective responsibility. If you love to read geek kind of books then you will definitely like this movie. Also, you can recommend this movie to your friends.

Author: Hillary Kelly

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3. Vacuum in the Dark

It is the adventures of a cleaning lady named Mona. Told in four distinct parts, Vacuum in the Dark throws Mona into different spaces where she cleans, taking the structure of HBO’s High Maintenance but with more floor scrubbing. Whereas, Through it all, she talks to her wise imaginary friend Terry Gross, and has a variety of loaded relationships with clients who welcome her into the most intimate parts of their homes and their lives.

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