Top 3 Science Books For Kids

It is great when kids grow a passion of books at a young age and the choice of right book is very important in developing love. Kids will lose interest if they get a boring book to read. Whereas, the science books which are written for kids will grab their attention and build interest in the books. A science book makes a brilliant birthday gift or Christmas gift for your kids. In fact, I have sorted a list of top 3 Science books for kids. In this article, you find details about the top 3 science books for kids.

Top 3 Science Books For Kids

1. Science Encyclopedia

This is one of the best science books for kids among some of the science books. It is the ultimate interesting book that will build curiosity for kids to read the book. This book is filled with full of useful information and has beautiful pictures. Also, This is a big book which contains 300 above pages to read. the book is recommended for the age of 8-12 years.

Author: National Geographic Kids

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2. About Time

This book tells the amazing story of how time and clocks are made. This is a very interesting book which deals with how the time revolved. Long ago people used the sun, moon to determine the time and water to tell the weather.

Author: Bruce Koscielniak

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3. Everything Kids Experiments

It is an interesting book full of the experiment which can be performed by household things. Whereas, kids find interesting where they can perform experiments that they find interesting. High school science teacher Tom Robinson shows us how to expand your scientific horizons. This will give the kids a practical knowledge of science experiments. It will also give you the information from biology to chemistry to physics to outer space. If you are are looking for some interesting projects then you should buy Everything Kids Experiments.

Author: Tom Robinson

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