How to Get Rid Of Gnats – Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Gnats

How to Get Rid Of Gnats

It often happens with us that you forget to wipe up a sugary spill, overwater your houseplants, forgot to wash tea glass.  But, Suddenly we can see tiny bugs and flies keep surrounding in the house and in the kitchen. These Gnats are as small as Mosquitos where some bite and some don’t bite we need to be careful and keep ourselves healthy. Also, you can store food in sealed containers, wipe up spills, and keep your trash bins covered and clean. With a little diligence, you can turn your home into a fly-free zone. In this article, you will find details about how to get rid Of Gnats.

Making Gnat Traps

1. Vinegar and dish soap trap

Steps :

  • Get a jar and fill it half with apple cider vinegar.
  • Add some dish soap and mix them well which will prevent Gnats from escaping.
  • Leave the jar where you see the Gnats

2. Vine and dish soap trap

Steps :

  • Get a jar and fill it half with Vine.
  • Add some drops of dish soap and mix them nicely.
  • Leave the jar where you see the Gnats

These are the basic and easiest way how to get rid of Gnats

Household Fixes for drain pipes

1. Clean drain pipes

The dirt which is left at the drain pipes which attracts Gnats and starts breeding. So, try cleaning them with a pipe cleaner or a wire brush after completing all the household works to remove stubborn. After cleaning pour Boiling water in the drain pipe.

2. Clean your drain pipes with drain cleaner and foam cleaner

Additionally, if you can’t access your drain pipes with a wire brush or pipe cleaner, there are foaming products designed to melt away organic matter. Look for a product with an enzyme that will be available on the hardware store. Whereas, Pour it in the drain pipe and keep it for some time. But, after sometime pour nearly boiling water in the drain pipe which will clean all the excess stain in the drain pipe.

3. Clean your drain with hot water Every night to prevent the excess stain

Above all, pouring hot water on your drain pipes every night is one of the best ways to keep your pipes clear and clean. Apart from enzyme drain cleaners, if you avoid pouring chemicals on your drains. Otherwise, this is the best way to keep Gnats away from your drain pipes.


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