Best Books On Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners

Machine Learning is definitely one of the hot topics right now & in the world of software development, it seems to have the brightest future right now. So, if you’re here, you’re either curious or you’re looking for good beginners guide so, you can step into the world of ML. Don’t worry, we have recommendations for all of you. Check out the list below & find the Best Books On Machine Learning book for you.

Machine Learning For Dummies

Author: John Paul Mueller

Machine Learning For Dummies is a beginners guide to the basic concepts of Machine Learning & some entry-level applications of it. This one focuses more on the understanding of the subject so, it should be a delight to the ones who are just starting off. The approach is quite interesting here & that’s exactly why it made it to the top of our list.

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Machine Learning

Author: Tom M. Mitchell

This one is also an amazing beginner level introduction to Machine Learning. It covers the basics of Machine Learning in a straight & simple manner. It also tries to give an idea about various fields of ML and it has examples of simple models & assignments that you can complete on your own. It doesn’t match the writing approach of Machine Learning For Dummies but, it’s still a great book for beginners.

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Machine Intelligence

Author: Suresh Samudrala

Machine Intelligence takes a more general approach to the concepts of Machine Learning. It covers areas like the core concepts, the Mathematics, Algorithms, Neural Networks, Deep Learning & more. This book is more suited for the students & IT developers who are just starting off on their Machine Learning path.

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The above mentioned are some of the best Machine Learning books that you can find. Also, there are other Geekblog online that you can search for your specific topics related to Machine Learning.

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